About See & Explore, Svalbard & North-Norway

See and Explore is your experienced and adventurous tour guide and photo guide, to the wildlife of Svalbard and North-Norway!  Svalbard and North-Norway can offer unique experiences of nature and animal life in the High North. See and Explore will share these experiences with you in every season and environment. We offer daily tours, but also tailormade tours, logistics and film productions logistics.

See and Explore with authorized guide, Oddgeir Sagerup

Based in Longyearbyen, Svalbard and Sjøvegan, in Troms Region, our tour guide is Oddgeir Sagerup is founder of See & Explore  and an experienced wildlife photographer. We are a tour organizer but work also one-to-one with you ore your company.  Oddgeir is willingly sharing his passion for wildlife photography with new and recurrent visitors to the High North Arctic.

You will always be in safe hands with Oddgeir, who is an authorized Svalbard guide,  has the local knowledge and the steady patience to discover truly amazing photo sites. He carefully takes the neccessary precautions to both respect the animal habitat and protect your personal safety.

A variety of photo tours, expeditions and workshops in Svalbard and North-Norway(photography whale safari)

Most wildlife photo tours organized by See and Explore in Svalbard, are conducted on foot in the summer or winter alike, depending on the weather conditions. Our hikes are conducted in a terrain supposed to be light and manageable to the participants. We also arrange photographic workshops, where we also are using snowmobile or boats. If you have special needs regarding how we facilitate the tour, please let us know by contacting us.

From late November and December you can join us at the sea areas off Skjervøy, north of Tromsø, where we have the whales’ hunting grounds. From November to January, these giant marine mammals migrate towards the coast in search of herring.  The last years, the whales´have moved from the coast of Tromsø and further north and, since 2017, whales have stayed in the Skjervøy area, but no one knows if they will remain there for the next seasons. 


See my video: https://youtu.be/YkwNaZ-Uloo

Founder of See & Explore AS, Oddgeir Sagerup

Founder of See & Explore AS, Oddgeir Sagerup
Here busy photographing an ptarmigan, while a fox is coming in behind.

Founder of See & Explore AS, Oddgeir Sagerup is an authorized Svalbard guide