Have you ever seen the northern lights unfolding and dancing in the sky? Svalbard is one of many places on Earth to observe this truly breathtaking physical phenomenon.

Our photo guide is a very experienced northern light photographer, who took his firs northern light pictures, as early as 1988. We have the knowledge and will be happy to help you with your camera settings(if needed).

If the weather is kind to us, and the sun is given us what we want, you can join our northern lights tour, just outside Longyearbyen and hopefully, get a memorable experience for life!

Svalbard northern lights

Ever since the Norse, Sami and Inuit mythologies were created some thousand years ago, the peoples of the High North have been fascinated by the northern lights.

Svalbard offers cold and frozen landscapes, lightened up by the special Arctic light. The colours of the scenery sets an amazing tone and contrast to your photographs. Above Svalbard, a crisp and clear sky, free of light pollution and other disturbances to your experience. You will often have the best possible conditions to experience the fantastic northern lights in Svalbard.

In Svalbard, you may even experience northern lights in both nighttime and daytime(from midt November until 1th of February). That happens during the polar nights in the winter, meaning the night lasts for all day long, opposite of the bright midnight sun in the summertime. But, this phenomenon really depends on to things, clear weather and that the sun is given us the “goods, so it is a “risky” thing and I can’t give you any garanti.

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