Svalbard Winter Photo Expedition 2021


From: 04.03.2021 To: 07.03.2021 : (#1:Winter photo workshop, based in Longyearbyen. 2 days with snowmobile)

From: 17.03.2021 To: 21.03.2021  : (#2:Nature and wildlife workshop, based in Longyearbyen,  with @linakayser. 2 days with snowmobile)

From: 28.03.2021 To: 31.03.2021  : (#3:Winter photo expedition with base in Pyramiden)

From: 08.04.2021 To: 11.04.2021 : (#4:Winter photo expedition with base in Pyramiden)

About – #1 / #2:

At this workshop we will be accommodated in Longyearbyen. There we will have the arctic fox, svalbard reindeer, svalbard rock ptarmigan and a beautiful landscape just outside the city.  For 2 of the days we will go to the areas close to Longyearbyen and look for animals and birds, to seek the best lighting conditions and the best experiences. We focuses on exploring, watching and photographing. We move between different locations, by car and carry out smal stops and walk from a few hundred meters up to 2/3 kilometers one way. For 2 of the other days, we will go outside Longyearbyen by snowmobile, visiting beautiful valleys, mountains, fjords and glaciers. If we have luck, we may also spot a Polar Bear.

About – #3/#4 : Winter photo expedition with base in Pyramiden

At this tour we will be accommodated out in the field in the russian town Pyramiden, as our basecamp. The town is 3-4 hours driving by snowmobile from Longyearbyen. There we will have the wildlife just outside the hotell where we will sleep and have our breakfasts and dinners.

April is our favorite month. The amazing “warm” light, the cold and the twilight, is breathtaking.

It will be a challenge and it can be very cold at this time of the year. Sometimes the temperature can drop to minus 20 or to 30 celsius and if itś wind, it will increases and creates a windchill. But!, if you are well dressed and if the nature are playing with us, you will forgot the weather and enjoying the beauty of the landscape.

We will focus on searching for wildlife, finding landscapes and following the light for photographic opportunities. We will search for Arctic Foxes, Ptarmigans and Svalbard Reindeers during these days. If we have luck, we may also spot a Polar Bear. There are restrictions concerning the environment and approaching wildlife in Svalbard, meaning that we need to stay at a safe distance where we will not disturb Polar Bears if we encounter some, but with a big lense it is possible to get some good pictures despite of the distance. You will experience the Svalbard winter like in an adventure you never thought would be possible. This is the ultimate photo experience from the Arctic environment.

For more details and if you have any questions about photo expedition tour or photo workshop:

NB! The plan for this tour depends on the weather conditions and the your confidence. So, it can be changed at any time.

Important information:
– Maximum amonut of participants: 6
– Everyone with normal good health can do an expedition like this.
– It is highly recommended that you have previous experience with driving a snowmobile for this tour.

Remember to have/bring:

  1. Travel Insurance and cancellation Insurance.
  2. A valid driving license for a car or motorcycle must be carried throughout the whole trip in order to drive a snowmobile. The passenger does not need to have a driver’s licence.