Close encounters, with love and respect for nature

Explore Wildlife in Svalbard

Have you ever experienced anything like the wildlife in Svalbard? Cold and frozen landscapes, and some of the most tough and resistant species in the Arctic. Everything wrapped in by a clear sky and some spectacular northern lights. Both in summer and winter conditions, the nature and wildlife in Svalbard truly offers a unique experience. Join our experienced photography tour guide, and discover the rich wildlife in Svalbard!

Join us discovering the wildlife in Svalbard

You can rely on our guide, who has the local knowledge, the necessary patience, and plenty experience from wildlife in Svalbard and beyond. He himself is a savvy wildlife photographer, and willingly shares of his insights with his traveling companions.

We conduct most of our main photography tours on foot, depending on weather conditions, in the summer or winter. Our hikes are conducted in light and manageable terrain and gives you some great opportunities to catch som wildlife photo.

With care and respect of the wildlife

While exploring wildlife in Svalbard on our photography tours, we do often get some pleasant surprises. Maybe we do encounter a flock of migratory birds, as the snow bunting, goose, or the king eider, walruses, a polar fox (arctic fox), or even an iconic polar bear? If we do discover a polar bear on our tours, we allways take our precautions, and observe the animal in a safe distance. That is, of course, in respect of both the animal habitat and your personal safety.

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