Wildlife photo tours

Svalbard Photography Tours

Explore Svalbard’s nature and wildlife, and join our guided Svalbard photography tours!

We conduct our Svalbard photography tours both in the summer and the winter season, and in both good and wild weather conditions, but always in the safe hands of our professional photo guide. Your safety and respect for the nature are our highest priorities.

From October to April, the wildlife is limited, and we look especially for the unique arctic fox, Svalbard reindeer and Svalbard rock ptarmigan. These species are present in Svalbard the whole year. From April to September, the migratory birds are also coming. The scenery and the special arctic light is unique to Svalbard the whole year, and under the right circumstances, we often experience the fantastic northern light.

Running fox

Choose your own Svalbard photography tour

We offer a range of different photography tours to give you a unique tailermade experience.

Contact us for more information, or to make a spesial request

Main tour (up to 8 persons)

Our main tours lasts for half a day, between 3 to 5 hours, all depend on season. We can bring with us to 8 persons, depending on season, weather conditions and other precautions. We offer a discount for child(up to 12 year).

This trip focuses on exploring, observing and photographing, and the guide is also an experienced nature photographer himself. But, photographing is not a necessity to join these tours, and you will either way have a great experience. Our focus on our tours depends on the season and which species that are present in the area at the moment.

We move between different locations by car, and carry out stops and walk from a few hundred meters up to 2 or 3 kilometers one way,all depends en Seasons, weather and what`s comming up during the tour .

Price per person NOK 1,950, – (lower price during the dark winter).

Exclusive tour (1–3 persons)

You can also book a tour designed for a more limited number of participant, from 1 up to 3 persons. This tour lasts from 3 to 6 hours, depending on weather conditions, seasons and what`s comming up during the tour, but we will not count minutes.

Price per person is NOK 2.950,-.

One-to-one photo guide

On our most exclusive tour, we can be your personal guide for a whole day(normally 7 to 8 hours, but we are. not counting hours). We can be out the whole day or we can split the tour in to parts, during the day. All depend on season, weather and light conditions. We can also tailmade after your needs of guiding.

Price per person is NOK 7.950,- person.

For tailormade needs, contakt us.

Unique memories, both with and without a camera, from Svalbard photography tours

As this is wildlife, we can not guarantee that you will experience certain wild animals, but our guide has conducted photography tours in Svalbard for years, and is familiar with the nature and wildlife in the high north. If you are with is on these assumptions, we will hopefully give you a fantastic experience.

In best case, your pictures will be a memory for life and something unique to remember from your visit to the Arctic.