Photography whale watching RIB safari in the Tromsø region – the sea areas off Skjervøy and surrounding areas

The sea areas off Skjervøy, north and east of Tromsø, are the whales’ hunting grounds. From late October to January, these giant marine mammals migrate towards the coast in search of herring. The last years, the whales´have moved from the coast of Tromsø and further north and, since 2017, whales have stayed in the Skjervøy and surrounding area, but no one knows if they will remain there for the next seasons.

See & Explore as is based in Svalbard and Sjøvegan(Troms county) and we are your experienced tour guide, to the nature and wildlife in the High North. Our founder and guide, Oddgeir Sagerup is an Authorized Svalbard guide and a professional photographer. Our speciality is wildlife photography and we know how you can get the best experience and pictures.

Our tour starts and ends in Skjervøy, approximately 4 hours drive from Tromsø and transfer from Tromsø is not included in this tour.

No whale guarantee is offered and we are follow strict guidelines, and keep the necessary distance and ensure the whales are not disturbed. We are following the natureś terms and the weather conditions.

It is in this enjoyable and spectacular Northern Norway cost landscape views, we hope to see orca and humpback.

Photo: Oddgeir Sagerup

Weather and light conditions:

The Polar Night in Tromsø stretches from around 27 November to 15 January. However, there is not constant darkness. In this period the weather conditions can be rough and unpredictable. During some hours we can have pluss degrees, sunny weather and the next moment cold air is coming, wind increases, minus degrees and snow can come. But on god days, when the sky brightens for a while in the middle of the day, we get a magical mix of dusk and dawn. It’s hard to beat the sight of a whale fin in front of pink polar skies and snow-capped mountains.


Season: 26th of October up to 9th of December

Where: North of Tromsø, in recent years in the area around Skjervøy.

More information

Time and place: 10:00am, port of Skjervøy. Meeting time 09:45am.
Duration: 4 hours – approximately 3 hours onboard the RIB
Price: NOK 1.950,-
Children: 6-12 years NOK 1050,-
Number of participants: Max 12
Level of difficulty: Easy
Included: Googles, flotation suit, life west, balaclava.

How to travel

How to travel: Express boat Tromsø-Skjervøy-Tromsø: Link: Travel planer:

How to travel:
Public bus Tromsø – Skjervøy – Link to Travel planer:

How to travel:
Travel overview for Tromsø to Skjervøy:ø/Skjervøy

How to travel:
Arctic Route:

What to bring and wear under your flotation suit: Warm clothes, winter boots, inner layer of woolen underwear, second layer, windproof hatt and mittens.

How to travel: Rental car from Tromsø to Skjervøy: